The Rage Of The Disesteemed Essay

1460 Words Dec 8th, 2015 6 Pages
Throughout our world there are many different types of people, each unique and individual in their own way. As humans, we take pride in ourselves for the freedom we live with. Although we allow freedom in our society we do not have equality. Along with equality, we do not show respect for every race, religion and unique aspects of each human being. Instead we turn our backs to anyone who has a different aspect to them, we should be accepting everyone’s differences and individual aspects. Along with equality being such a personal issue it also holds the world back from becoming better as a whole. A quote by James Baldwin states, “The rage of the disesteemed is personally fruitless, but it is also absolutely inevitable; this rage, so generally discounted, so little understood even among the people whose daily bread it is, is one of the things that makes history.” In this quote Baldwin is explaining how people are enraged because they are being treated unequally but this issue doesn’t do anything for you personally. Baldwin states that while this is a huge problem, it is inevitable. This rage that builds up inside people who are being treated unfairly and unequally, is one of the factors that creates history. Naturally when people are enraged because of a characteristic they can’t change they take action, which leads to the motivation to create change. This change then results in history. This rage affects the world as a whole but also affects individuals and the race, religion…

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