The Radicalization Of Islam Is Not As Broad As Mainstream Media

1553 Words Apr 21st, 2016 7 Pages
The radicalization of Islam is not as broad as mainstream media would like its viewers to believe. Society surrounds a religion and culture that they do not understand with assumptions based off a small nugget of knowledge they think is accurate from organizations who have proven to be biased like Fox News and MSNBC. Middle Eastern countries where Islam is practiced by the majority of the population show up on a worldwide scale almost daily. Americans are more afraid than they are accepting of the Muslim religion. It’s time to silence the blabbering of uninformed individuals and corrupt media outlets. Since the misconceptions of the Muslim religion have shrouded the true meaning and the beliefs of the people who are so devoted to their culture; It’s time to move beyond the war on terror and begin the war for peace.
The history of the Muslim religion is something only known about from the surface to most. Islam is one of the most youthful of the colossal world religions. The prophet Muhammad presented Islam in Saudi Arabia 610 A.D. in the wake of encountering what he guaranteed to be an celestial appearance. Muhammad managed the Qur 'an, the heavenly book of Islam, which Muslims accept to be the previous, unflawed expressions of Allah (“Origins of Islam”). This itself being separate from standard Creationism or Evolution frightens many modern day American Citizens. Islam while founded in this world by Muhammad did not originate with him as seen in the book of Sure. “ "This…

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