The Racism Of African Americans Essay

1438 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
A world without crime, hate, depression is a place, which may seem to be highly unachievable in today’s society. However, a place where there is happiness, forgiveness and a sense of belonging can be accomplished. In today’s society there is still a linger hatred for people of color, gender and social status. For an example, the poor hates the rich, the whites hates the blacks, and women hates its male counterpart. While this not expressed openly there are movements that indicate what is occurring. There is a movement called feminism, African American are discriminated and the lower class citizens are trying to protest for better pay and opportunities. One of the most significant example is the racism towards African Americans. There has been a movement of massive incarnation in which the blacks are gradually being thrown in prison and jails. The stats show that 1 in 3 black men will be incarnated while only 1 in 17 white men will be. It can be easily determined that black men are being targeted or committing massive amount of crime which highly unlikely. The most important thing to note is while they are being incarnated for a small amount of time and when released they become incarnated again. It is a like a cycle which needs to be put to an end. There have been programs implemented to stop the cycle, however; they are not truly used to their full potential and becomes useless.
I believe that I have developed a program in which it might put an end to the cycle of keeping…

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