The Role Of Racial Discrimination In America

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White privilege is a term used to represent the natural advantage whites have. Many people believe this is why so many white officers get away with murdering black males. “African Americans ' general reactions to deaths like Trayvon Martin as well as the link in addition to Black racial identity cluster profiles and race-related lead to stress reactions” (Blackmon 282). Murder leads to more than just sorrow of the victim’s family. Once someone of the black race is murdered out of hate for the race, it creates violent protests and animosity toward the white race. Being black in America singles you out more than any other race. You are held to higher standards and expectations even though it seems as if everyone is against you.
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They are raised seeing the violence going on around them including black on black crime and white on black crime. Dubois believes when learning of how the world functions in regards to racism, a black soul may be “ruined” because of the unjustified truth (6). Once someone gets old enough to understand that blacks have always been hated and learn the reason they are hated, they get a different outlook on life. They start noticing small details about what people say to them or how they are treated. The sudden realization of the racial inequality in this country may completely change the way someone thinks and may alter their whole perspective of life. (DuBois 3). Blacks are deprived from opportunities just because of their color. Knowing this puts a faulty influence on someone’s life because wherever they may go they feel like there is a target on their back which may cause them to make bad decisions. Decisions people make are based off of their own thoughts and perceptions of life. There are plenty of African American men who have the intelligence and capability to become successful but they are not lack in opportunities therefore they result to illegal businesses such as drugs or …show more content…
Every race needs to stop thinking of the lives of African Americans as something to take advantage of. African Americans are just as equal as every other race. No longer can we base ignorance and stereotypical assumptions placed upon them which take away for each of their sense of individuality. During the times of Civil Rights, “Malcolm X wanted to create a program that would see these racial issues and crimes were no longer just a black problem, but now an human race problem” (Harris 43). We must stop singling out African Americans and simply look at them as

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