Summary: The Racial Discrimination Act 1975

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Fall Semester Final Essay Question
“The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 makes racial discrimination and racial hatred unlawful in public places”, According to the “Casual racism. Ahrc.admin, Australian Human Rights Commission, 18 Nov. 2014”., “Casual racism is one form of racism. It refers to conduct involving negative stereotypes or prejudices about people on the basis of race, colour or ethnicity”. With casual racism it is not always direct, it can come off as jokes, off-handed comments, and exclusion of people from social situations on the basis of race. Casual racism is still racism and should not be accepted in our society as the norm.
Racism is defined as one race believing they are superior over the other. This line of thinking continues
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In the article (Why are people still racist? What science says about America’s race problem) paragraph 2 it states“In some ways, it’s super simple. People learn to be whatever their society and culture teaches them”.“This is not the product of some deep-seated, evil heart that is cultivated. It comes from the environment, the air all around us.” Because casual racism is commonly accepted people often dismiss it as something offensive. They may not understand the tremendous side effects of it. On the contrary, believing casual racism isn't a problem is one of the reasons it still occurs today because no one is taking the issue to heart. By handling the matter in question we can soon fix the way society thinks. Even those who oppose the idea don't realize that because everyone thinks casual racism isn't a big deal and it will become an even bigger problem. Knowing that people could actually make a change and stop casual racism which will lead to all racism will engage to them to actually make a change.
Casual racism is just undertone racism and is as equivalent to people rioting in the streets to single out a specific race as it is making jokes of someones skin color the effects are the same .There are no boundaries to racism, prejudice behavior to any ethnicity and diminishing their heritage and culture is unacceptable regardless of the form it was delivered. As society continues to accept casual racism it will become our norm and that should not be our lifestyle. If we continue on this path then there will be no progress within humanity and racism will become a bigger issue than it is right

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