Essay on The Racial / Cultural Identity Development Model ( R / Cid )

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The Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model (R/CID) by D.W. Sue and D. Sue was established in order to support counselors in the appreciation of their culturally diverse clients’ viewpoints and comportments (Sue & Sue, 2016). Within the R/CID, there are five stages: Conformity, Dissonance, Resistance and Immersion, Introspection, and Integrative Awareness. Each of these stages of development represents what oppressed citizens undergo as they labor to identify with who they are as they remain positioned between two racial systems. There a four subsequent views in each level of the identity process; an individual’s attitude toward self, toward others of the same group, towards others of a different marginalized group, and towards the dominant group. The goal of this paper is to define each of these stages and identify Malcom X‘s progress through each of these stages as presented in the movie about his life. Subsequently, examples will be given through direct quotes and actions that take place in the movie Malcom X that support each of his defining moments that coincide with a particular stage of the R/CID.
This first stage entails critical elements for a person who is racially marginalized and who does not have race salience in his/her life and may denounce individuals of his/her own group while being neutral or discriminatory to another relegated people because he/she identifies with the white culture (Sue &Sue, 2016). Malcolm demonstrated that he was in…

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