The Race Riots Of The 19th Century Essays

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“… in Detroit, one of the bloodiest race riots of the century” (587).
On June 20th, 1943 fights between black and white teenagers broke out at Belle Isle Park, an integrated amusement park on an island in the Detroit River. The conflict quickly spread off the island with the help of rumors and began to plague the rest of the city. After two days of violence, 6,000 federal troops were sent into Detroit to deescalate the situation. Overall, the riots resulted in amplified racial tensions in Detroit, $27.5 million in property damages to predominately black communities, 433 wounded people and 34 deaths, with 25 of them being black. The violence and circumstances surrounding the 1943 race riot in Detroit can greatly be related to the work of Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series. For example, Panel 50 depicts a race riot in the North that, according to the caption, was the direct result of black migrants moving north, taking factory jobs and competing with white workers. With the United State’s entrance into World War II, manufacturing and other industrial jobs became ample in cities like Detroit, Michigan, resulting in an influx of hopeful black migrants from the South. These migrants had to directly compete with whites already in the crowded city for housing and jobs, creating a rift and tension between different facets of the population. Hence, in both the case of the Detroit riot of 1943 and Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, blacks often faced the same bigotry and violence in…

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