The Race, Nation, And Religion Essay

1659 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Over the course of American history, the three sectors of race, nation, and religion have all played very influential roles in charting the course that our country has taken through time. Over the course of the past century, mass media and pop culture have become the driving forces that have made race, nation, and religion the catalyzing forces they have become in defining our past, present, and future as a country. An allure that started with The Birth of a Nation in 1915 has now expanded to command a full-blown grip on the nation in just 100 years. People quite simply are drawn to movies unlike anything else and the beliefs that they portray on the big screen oftentimes become conflated with reality. Due to this American fixation with film, over the course of this essay, I chose to begin it with my examination of three different contemporary films: 12 Years A Slave, Color of the Cross, and The Butler. Each of these films were thoroughly analyzed to see what they tell us as viewers about race, nation, and religion and their inherent interconnectedness. Additionally, due to the fact that each of these films was produced within the past 10 years, a great deal of information can be gathered in regards to the significance, importance, and implications of their subliminal messages for Americans in the present day. Overall, it is my main argument that while these three movies all combine to paint a vibrant portrait of the interconnectedness of race, nation, and religion through…

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