The Race For The White House Essay

1485 Words Apr 28th, 2016 6 Pages
The race for the white house in 2016 has been riddled with controversy, and much of what seem to be empty promises. From Donald Trump and Ted Cruz threats to expose wives, to Hillary Clinton’s deceitful ways. The only candidate truly ready to lead this country to victory, is one Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator is a progressive, and will do what is necessary to keep this country moving forward. Trump repeatedly states he will Make America Great Again, however the truth is Sanders actually has the plans to do it. Bernie Sanders will make a great President for the reason that, he has been fighting for the fair treatment of every American citizen since his college years; and as president he has plans to continue this trend.
One strategy that Sanders has used that has placed him ahead of the pack is, focusing completely on the issues. One of said issues being Racial Justice. Bernie Sanders has made himself quite clear on how he feels about the justice system. A belief the senator holds is that the crippling of the United States Justice system, is due to the systematic stripping of the rights of those incarcerated, a vast majority of those, are people of color. POC are thirty percent of the population, yet they also make up sixty percent of the those incarcerated (King: Here 's How Bernie Has Addressed Race and Racism). The numbers just don’t add up, Sanders as well as any other American who has been paying attention knows this. The only difference is Bernie Sanders plans…

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