The Race Card Project Was Created By Michele Norris Essay

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" No, holocaust jokes are not funny." I went to the National Holocaust Museum in Washington DC my senior year of high school. While I was there I had the unfortunate experience of being stuck behind a group of individuals who were either in 8th or 9th grade. The group was of various races and the entire time they were there they were making anti-semantic jokes and laughing at the chilling images. I found this incredibly disrespectful, not only because I am partially Jewish, but because I feel that it is wrong for them to laugh at something so awful, especially in a place that was built to honor survivors and remember those who were lost. Race is mostly a construct of culture and society rather than a biological mechanism. While individuals may have different skin pigmentation, their language, ideals, and values that are often connected to race are all products of the society they live in. The Race Card Project was created by Michele Norris in hopes of sparking individuals into engaging in a conversation about race, which the U.S. has a notorious reputation for avoiding; however, she found that rather than starting a conversation, her project simply continued a conversation that was already taking place and made it easier for the American people to honestly to share their opinions, hopes, and experiences concerning race. My reactions varied for different statements within the Race Card Project. There were some statements that I agreed with upon just reading…

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