The Quran And The Bible Essays

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Now that I am at the end of my fall semester, I have been asked to reflect back on some of the teachings from my world literature class. For this discussion I will point out a recurring theme in the Koran and some of the comparisons of the Koran and the Bible, particularly Noah and Joseph, and a few of the views from Augustine, who was a fourth and fifth-century theologian and philosopher. When reading the stories (or suras) in the Koran, let us look at the recurring verse “merciful and forgiving,” as “all-knowing and all- powerful,” and how that contributes to the theme which ribbons through the Koran. Which I interpret as, God is one, and that nothing is comparable to him, and he himself cannot be compared to anything or anyone else. Submission of ones will is fundamental to this principle. With this in mind hopefully it will help you see the differences between the stories of Noah and Joseph.
Both the Koran and the Old Testament of the Bible have stories about the flood, however, the stories differ from one another in which Noah plays opposing roles in each of them, though the outcome of both are the same. In the Koran the flood only destroyed those who had been warned by Noah. Noah prayed to God to help him destroy the people that had rejected and threatened him and his family after he had preached to them to change their evil and wicked ways. His family (all but his wife and one son that had rejected him) and his followers along with the animals were saved. Whereas, in…

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