Essay on The Quiz And The Edutopia Quiz

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As a newborn, babies are born with underdeveloped brains in order for the baby to fit through the average human birth canal. Instantly they begin learning and retaining information they need to survive. After just a few minutes they learn to touch, smell, hear and cry. So why is it so much harder for adults to retain information like they did at such a young age? This is a question I have been asking myself for many years, and I believe there are many benefits to discovering how one person, as an individual, processes information best. In order for me to figure this out, I took two quizzes called the Vark quiz and the Edutopia quiz. These quizzes were used to help you to understand which learning styles fit you best. Some types of learning styles I scored high in included kinesthetic, visual, and aural. Below, I will discuss the different types of learning styles, how I scored based on the test’s results, and how I thought I should have scored. My highest score on both quizzes was kinesthetic learning. This is a type of learning that is very hands-on. I feel that a lot of people learn this way because it’s how you go through life. Trial and error. A lot of times when someone physically does something themselves, they use multiple parts of their brain. This helps to strengthen the thought and make them really focus on what’s going on rather than just letting it go through one ear and out the other. My score in kinesthetic learning was a 12 on the Vark quiz and a 67% on the…

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