The Quiet Character Analysis

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The Quiet Character: A Force to Be Reckoned With

As I was reading This One Summer, I was fascinated with how both the author and illustrator created, and defined each of the characters in their own way. Mariko Tamaki seems to put less focus on certain characters. At the same time Jillian Tamaki creates strong visual imagery on those same characters. Specifically speaking, why does Mariko Tamaki put less focus on Evelyn's character, yet Jillian Tamaki portrays her with such strong imagery? Several points in this graphic novel caught my attention. At the very beginning there were several frames that involved Evelyn, Windy, and Rose. Another defining moment for me was when Evelyn and Alice overheard the girls using the word slut. Finally, possibly the most descriptive point was when Evelyn and Alice were processing what had transpired earlier in the night with Jenny. These points that are described make it clear that both Jillian and Mariko have work diligently to convey Evelyn as a strong, and compassionate individual.
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The author has kept the dialogue simple, but the illustrator has sketched such strong images. Evelyn embraces Rose like she was her own daughter sends a strong message. A message that Rose completely feels safe in her embrace and that the weight of her troubles had been lifted. The images speak volumes. Evelyn has been drawn with a peaceful, and soft facial expression. Her clothing has been detailed with Lotus flowers. The significance of the lotus flower is one of purity and restraint from judgement. The love and support she shows both Windy and Rose is immeasurable. The image of all three of them embracing shows that Evelyn is a strong support system for the girls. The love that is expressed in this panel is genuine and clear to the readers. Evelyn is a safety net for those who she

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