The Question On Whether Man 's Happiness Essay

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In Article 2, Aquinas answers the question on whether man’s happiness consists in honors. It starts of with an objection that it would seem that man’s happiness consists in honors because with honor, virtue is rewarded. Aquinas disagrees and states that honor is not in the honored man, but the person who honors. Also, the people who respect the person honored is the one who gives honor so happiness cannot consist in honor. Honor is given with some excellence in the person. This is not related to happiness and therefore, cannot be happiness. If people were to work for virtue, their reward would be happiness, but if people worked to get honor, it would be an ambition of theirs. Therefore, some happiness was attained before getting honors. In Article 3, Aquinas answers the question on whether man’s happiness consists in fame or glory. The objections that he argues against are man’s good is spread by glory more than anything else and that people would have fame in the future. Aquinas rejects these objections by saying that fame and glory is false. People can spread around bad things and this would hurt you. Also, fame can hurt you with a false report and good does not exist when something does not like up with the knowledge. Therefore, happiness cannot be caused by human knowledge so it cannot consist in fame or glory. Fame and glory are a result from happiness so it cannot be a part of happiness. In Article 4, Aquinas answer the question on whether man’s happiness consists in…

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