The Question Of Evolution And Biblical Worldview Essay

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The question of Evolution and Biblical worldview has been an enormous debate for an extremely long time. A variety people reject science and what it teaches about theory and facts, and others like to look our world through a biblical lens. A number of us believe in the theory of Evolution and others have their own truths. All of us have diverse opinions of how we interpret the world. Philosophy assists us to comprehend things different perspectives; it allows one to ruminate then arrive at some form of truth. Philosophy makes it easier to sort out what maybe authentic in addition to what remains to be misleading, as a result that the general population can convert to living healthy coupled with a purpose filled life. In order to succeed in accomplishing our purpose in life various points need to be explored; moreover it would be beneficial to study a few of the classifications of society’s worldview.
Christians believe in only one God, our religious practice is referred to as Montheism. The God that we worship exists as the supreme creator of the universe. He is Jehovah God, the God of Abraham. The ruler of the cosmos as well as the creator of all objects; he has dominion and power over our soul. He is the beginning and the end, there is no one that has appeared before him and there will no one to arise after him. God is our chief commander; God will never abandon his creation and he will always lead with his divine wisdom and power. Unfortunately, there are others who…

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