Essay about The Question Of Evil

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The Question of Evil
The problem of evil stems from the idea that since there are vast amounts of evil in the world, God cannot exist. Critics argue that this is the case because if He did exist, we would not find evils in our world. This objection is formulated into the Argument from Evil, which proceeds as follows:
P1: If God exists, then He is omnipotent and morally perfect.
P2: If God is omnipotent, then He would be able to prevent all of the evil and suffering in the world.
P3: If God is morally perfect, then he would want to prevent all of the evil and suffering in the world.
P4: We still find vast amounts of evil and suffering in the world.
C1: Therefore, God is not benevolent and morally perfect.
C2: Therefore, God doesn’t exist.
If we accept this argument, then God does not exist, since he does not exhibit the divine qualities we attribute to supreme beings. I believe that there is a mistake in this argument as it concludes that any amount of evil automatically detracts from the overall benevolence of God and the relative good of the world. The Argument from Evil forces readers to believe that in order for God to exist, there has to be no misfortunes, calamities, inconveniences, etc. in our world. However, I will show that the existence of evil, in fact, is actually necessary in order to maximize the amount of net good prevalent in our world. One argument that supports the existence of evil in our world is the idea that the evil that does exist does not result…

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