The Quest Of Escape Essay

2322 Words Dec 24th, 2016 10 Pages
The desire to escape is one of the most powerful themes which resonates throughout the tapestry of human experience....... It permeates the spectrum of recorded literature, religious scripture, political ideology, and spiritual reflection....... from ancient mythologies and oral traditions, right up to present day pop culture, this broader idea plays itself out again, and again, and again..... there seems to be something about the human condition, which instinctively recognizes this underlying incessant need, to escape...... Somehow our individual experiences, which innately reject confinement, restriction, and oppression, seem to connect us all, to the larger human story, a larger quest, a deeper need...... and of course our perspective on this issue, is directly reflective of where we see ourselves in the universe............. putting aside all the endless details, and simply focusing on what we can observe, then there are really only two possibilities as to the nature of our reality....... either, we are an insignificant speck of dust, lost in an endless sea of possibilities, just one of an infinite number of universes, brought on by nothing, existing by accident, and moving towards annihilation, spinning and spiraling into the great void, completely oblivious to all of the motion, with neither intention, nor purpose, or plan. Existing in a universe where every location is considered to be the center, and no location is unique ...... or....... the Earth is the center of…

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