The Quest For Meaning And Wholeness Essay

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Book Review: Lindholm, J. (2014) . The quest for meaning and wholeness: Spiritual and religious connections in the lives of college faculty.

Purpose: The author had been compelled by a shared sense that the relative amount of attention that colleges and universities devote to the “inner” and “outer” aspects of students’ and faculty members’ lives and well-being is largely out of balance. For this book, the author was not focusing on personal judgements about how students or faculty define their spirituality , the role (or lack thereof) of spirituality and religion in their lives, or the particular meaning they make of their lives. Rather, the author was motivated to learn how these dimensions of students’ and faculty members’ lives contribute to shaping how they view their work and their lives and the associated choice made. Addressing the seemingly inherent disconnect between the dominant values of contemporary American society and the perspectives and practices will enable us to respond effectively not only to our individual needs but also to local, national, international, and global challenges.

Outline of the book
Chapter One: Spirituality and Higher Education. This chapter offers contextualizing background on the topic of spirituality in higher education, including introduction to the measures that provide the book’s focal points. The self-understanding is a necessary prerequisite to our ability to understand others and resolve conflicts. A holistic education such…

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