Queerness In Children's Literature

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The Queerness in Children’s Literature
The children 's literature were made and published for all children to encourage the love of reading. Parents are engaged in reading children books and literatures to their children to show their feelings about how much they adore their children. According to children 's literature, they are mostly symbolized as “youth”, “innocence” and “purity”. However, throughout this event, there is a diversity that was hidden behind the children’s literature.
The event “The Queerness in Children’s Literature”, provided the brief summary about how most authors provided sexual contents and identities in children 's literature. In 2000, Bobbie Combs released the homosexual novel called “ABC, A Family Alphabet
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The types of sexual diversity include gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. The “The Queerness in Children’s Literature” event connects with FYE 1000 course, based on sexual diversity because the event was discussed the sexual diversity in children’s literature. For example, the book “Who’s In a Family?” by Robert Schutzer talks about the family arrangement. The family can be made up in different ways, meaning that even gays, lesbians, or other homosexual people can create a family. Although The event “The Queerness in Children’s Literature” connects with FYE 1000 course, it also impacts on academic and personal development by experiencing and stimulating the …show more content…
However, it is not something that will affect children learn in a negative way. Although including those sexual contents in children’s literature may not be a good idea, I do know that authors wanted to let the children learn about the sexual diversity, so as they grow up they can be a better people. The event let us know learn about the diversity, and it is something that we never should forget because diversity is also a controversy in our today’s society as well. This event was so meaningful that everyone needed to attend because it also gave the message about how we should feel about the sexual diversity. I would recommend or suggest to future students to learn and be creative about diversities because there are many diversities in schools or

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