The Queens Borough Public Library Essay

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The Queens Borough Public Library (also known as Queens Library) is one of the three library systems operating in New York City. The library has 62 locations all across Queens. Volunteering at the library for the past two summers has allowed me to further understand how Queens Library operates. I have always been curious about how the library system is able to be interconnected with all 62 branches. As a kid, I always wondered how they were able to keep track of everything. I could return and borrow books from any branch used to amaze me. Historically, Queens Library as an organization evolved over time. As a result of change through time, the library provides residents of Queens with an efficient system that caters to their needs.
In 1858, the first library in Queens was opened in Flushing on a subscription basis. In the 1890’s, various local communities started their own local libraries. The Astoria, Long Island City, and Steinway libraries were a part of the Long Island City Public Library which later become known as the Queens Library. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, when Queens became a part of New York City, the city government had created a new charter joining all local community libraries in Queens into one single umbrella called Queens Borough Public Library. Flushing later joined the Queens Library. Operating funds were provided by the City of New York, the state, federal grants and private donors. Funds from Andrew Carnegie helped in the construction of…

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