The Queen 's Fool By Philippa Gregory Essay

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The story of The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory vividly brought to life the ideas, characters, and fears of the 1550s that resulted from the fierce rivalry between King Henry III’s daughters, Elizabeth and Mary Tudor. It followed both women through the eyes of the psychic “holy fool”, Hannah “Green”, as they battled over the English throne. The aging, unappealing Mary Tudor was nearly the exact reverse of her youthful and lively younger sister. While Mary sought to stomp out all Protestants and return England to Catholicism, Elizabeth only wanted to end the mass murder her sister brought upon their country. The characters and environment that Gregory illustrated was strikingly parallel to that of 16th century London; especially when it came to the lives of the two princesses. Placed at the center of all the drama, Hannah revealed the constant tension and dangers that plagued England during that time. Philippa Gregory’s book accurately recreated the time period in which it took place through the characterization of Queen Mary I, her sister Elizabeth I, and common scientific ideologies.

Queen Mary I, or more famously known as ‘Bloody Mary’, was one of the more prominent characters of Gregory’s story. Despite being historically portrayed as a gruesome woman, the writer’s unique perspective shows the queen from a more personable point of view. Hannah accompanies Mary throughout her ascent to the throne and later becomes a trusted companion of her’s. One of the most…

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