The Quality Of Water For Gloucester Harbor ( Gh ) Versus Good Harbor Beach ( Ghb )

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Water quality is the scientific measurement describing the cleanliness of water and/or the condition of the water being studied. Factors that used to describe water quality are pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Turbidity, Nitrogen, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Fecal Coliform, Phosphate, and Total Solids. Water quality is important to know because water is a necessary part of life, and people need to know how clean the water they’re using is. Water quality is important for the preservation of water on Earth and the animals and plants that need water. The quality of water in coastal environments is influenced by various human influences, such as fertilizer from farms and lawns, discharge from water treatment plants, oil spills, runoff.
The goal of this study is to examine the quality of water in Gloucester Harbor (GH) versus Good Harbor Beach (GHB). Along with comparing the water quality of the two sites, the equipment that was used to conduct the study was also compared and contrasted against each other to find the most effective. Materials and methods:
While conducting the study Minuteman students found many differences between GH and GHB. The differences that were focused on were water quality, amounts of pollution, and land use. At GH, humans built docks, and a fish processing plant. There are multiple sources of trash in the water and rocks along the dock from impervious surfaces, runoff, and humans. At GHB, people and their dogs walk on the…

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