The Quality Of Teachers Being Hired Essay

2154 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
As many know, the education system, like all things, has its faults. With that being said, how can these issues be resolved? Most importantly, what are the issues? These so called issues range from underfunding, to excessive control by the government, to unattainable standards, to the quality of teachers being hired. Many people have attempted to make the education system perfect. Many attempt to accomplish this in one big effort, which usually ends in failure. The key to successfully fix the education system not only short term, but long term is by taking baby steps. In saying this, a great starting step would be to focus on the quality of teachers being hired. Teachers are an important aspect of the foundation of the education system, and without them there would be no system at all.

The topic of teacher quality is one that has often been discussed and debated over the years. Many people hold the idea that quality teachers have a large impact on their students’ success. This is due to the ample amount of research and studies that have shown that students with highly qualified teachers score higher on tests than students who are taught by less qualified teachers (Smith and Gorard 195). With that in mind, it is of great importance that schools ensure that their teachers are well qualified. Emma Smith and Stephen Gorard in their article “Improving Teacher Quality: Lessons from America’s No Child Left Behind” suggest that in order to end up with well qualified teachers,…

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