Essay On The Importance Of Arts Education

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As institutions of education in the United States continue to face increased budget cuts, teachers, policymakers, and parents alike, argue over the importance of arts education in developing meaningful learning experiences for students. Despite the numerous studies applauding the benefits of arts education, these programs are often the first cut resulting in high drop-out rates, a lack of cultural sensitivity, and a lack of appreciation for creative thinking. If the goal of education is to cultivate leaders, saving arts instructions must be at the forefront of education reform.
The Center for Arts Education has determined that not only is arts education vital to the development of young minds, but that the changing availability of these programs has negatively impacted the quality of education provided. Their
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Additionally, trips to see performance arts or exhibitions can introduce students to cultural representations that they may never encounter on their own. In turn, students can become more empathetic and aware of the experiences of others (Holcomb, “State of the Arts”). With study after study citing the benefits of arts education it is evident that students cannot afford to learn in an environment in which arts education, highly-qualified arts instructors, and access to artistic experiences are not readily at their disposal. The impact of removing this necessary piece of the learning experience will be felt for years to come. Not only is it necessary to save at-risk students, it is integral in providing all students with a well-round education that promotes academic learning as well as creative thinking and cultural

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