The Quality Of Distance Learning Essay

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Quality of Distance Learning
With a growing number of classes offered through distance learning (DL), there is an increasing interest in the problems that is associated with DL education, specifically as it relates to the quality of DL education. According to Twiss and O’Lawrence (2013), “…many issues that arise from DL education as it relates to quality include, but is not limited to: the standard requirements of faculty, programs having low or no quality standards, and there being no consensus on what constitutes learning quality” (94-98. This paper will discuss how DL faculty can impact quality learning, the significance of DL, and proposed ideas to meet these challenges.
Faculty’s Education Impact on Distance Learning
Since DL has “…become a viable option for institutions of higher education, the amount of the distance education literature regarding the associated teaching conditions for faculty has flourished” (Liyanagunawardena, Williams, & Adams, 2013, p. 3-5). However, controversies have arisen as to the quality of DL provided by these institutions. Potential students are wary of distance learning because courses are often offered as part of extended classes or higher education (Maguire, 2013). There is further controversy because many of these DL classes are taught by instructors who have not earned doctoral degrees or adjunct faculty. This leads many individuals to conclude that DL education programs are “…left outside of formal faculty structures that have…

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