Essay about The Quality Of Care And Life

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The quality of life is defined as the standard health, comfort, and happiness by an individual. While the quality of life is dealing with overall life, the quality of care is based on the care received in the nursing home. There were many authors writing of the quality of care and life in nursing homes. I came across many researches and articles dealing with the topic. Throughout my conductive research I have discovered that there are different contributors that determines the quality of care and life. There are different varieties of contributors that determine the quality of care and life. In the United States the long-term care facilities, nursing homes, are common places for many elders. In studies they have identified staffing as one of the reasons for poor quality care.(Juh Hyun Shin) In research conducted by the division of nursing, Ewha Womans University investigated relations between nursing staff and quality of life(QOL). There have been random sample interviews from the residents of NHs.Part-time registered nurses staff hours have a significantly positive influence on the comfort of the residents and also their enjoyment. While part-time have a positive affect the compiled Rns have a statistically significant negative influence in meaningful activity;outdoor activity, religious life, activity provided and relationships. In nursing homes residents were not as satisfied when there were part-time licensed practical nurse hours than full-time employed licensed…

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