The Qualities Of A Research Question Essay

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The qualities of a research question:

There are several qualities of research question and these includes: clear, concise, elegant, theoretically rich and. grammatically correctness, Bryman (2007: 6) textbook writers have almost ritualistically extoled the significance and importance of the clear research questions. This consequently means that if the research question is not good enough, the research is bound to fail. A clear research question should be clear so that other people can easily understand the nature of the research. That is, it should be free from any traits that would qualify it as ambiguous thus resulting in different interpretations amongst various people. In essence, it leaves no doubt about what is to be studied and provides a clear direction of how the research will unfold as it is undertaken (Neuman,). On the contrary, a bad research question is the one that is unclear and does not explicitly state out the variables to be used in the research. For example; a focused research question should be narrow and down to the point and be specific about the area of enquiry. This consequently leads to the ease with which research methods are chosen in undertaking a research. For instance, an illustration of a broad based research question against a more focused one: “what measures can be put in place to curb substance abuse?” This question brings in a lot of broader perspectives and as such makes it too much of question to answer and deduce specific outcomes.…

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