The Qualities Of A Nurse Leader Essay

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Most nurse leaders have committed their careers to being patient advocates as well as clinicians. Successful leadership styles are crucial for the nursing leaders of the future. The qualities of a leader can be subjective. With today 's healthcare environment, nurse leaders must be innovative, exceptional and creative. They must be able to think strategically and be a visionary. Developing leadership skills does not happen overnight. There are many attributes and qualities that develop over time. There are basic skills that make extraordinary nursing leaders.
Be able to successfully lead others
One of the most important characteristic in a nurse leader is to have the ability to lead others. In any career field, a person can be a manager but not possess the skill needed to be an effective leader. A natural leader is able to work with others in a way that they will want to become involved as a partner in whatever task or endeavor that presents itself.

Nurse leaders must be able to lead, while still being part of their team. No one can do all things. A wise leader will be able to leave their ego behind and delegate tasks to those better equipped to handle the situation. If leaders feel insecure or threatened, they are less able to be connected to the team. These individuals may want to be in control at all times. On the other hand, leaders who feel secure with the skills they possess will have strong teams and will be able to empower others to do their best.

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