The Qaeda Of Al Qaeda Essay

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The al-Qaeda of today is a hugely different thing/business from the al-Qaeda formed by Osama bin Laden towards the end of the Afghan war against the Soviets in 1988 (Alexander and Swetnam, 2001: 37). The (change for the better, over time), or as Burton (2006) has termed it "destruction", of al-Qaeda, is partially linked to its terrorist acts, and, especially, the counter-terrorist measures employed by governments to deal with them. This is most obvious in reference to the single most expensive, in terms of life lost and money-based effect, terrorist act in modern history, the destruction of the World Trade Centre, and the later declaration of a "war on terror" by George Bush 's United States and its Allies. It is the actions in response to terrorist acts that has spread these energetic/changing changes in the strategies and ways of doing things used by al-Qaeda. This helpful change has seen the beliefs of al-Qaeda survival, despite restrictions being placed on its operations. It has also secured/made sure of the continued jihad against the near enemy of (someone who is no longer part of a religion) Islamic governments in the Middle East, and the far enemy of the United States and its Allies (Hoffman, 2004: 553) to further chase after its goal to establish an important Muslim religious leader ate Muslim state ruled by the Sharia (Alexander and Swetnam, 2001).
There are many differences/different versions of the accounts as to how the al-Qaeda network was originally…

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