The Pyramid In Ancient Egypt

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Egypt, one of the richest and most powerful civilizations in the world, Pyramid, especially the big Pyramid in Giza, is the most magnificent artificial building in history. Their large scale reflects the unique role of Pharaoh or the king in ancient Egyptian society. Although the construction of Pyramid from the beginning of the old Dynasty to the end of the Ptolemy era in the fourth Century ad, the peak of the construction of Pyramid started at the end of the Third Dynasty and lasted until about sixth (2325 BC). More than 4000 years later, Egyptian pyramids still holds its majesty and has seen the rich and brilliant past of the country. This paper would help us lean more about it. In the Old Kingdom of the third and the fourth generations, …show more content…
The Egyptians have copper and other tools chisels, drills, and saws that may be used to cut the soft stone. Hard granite, used to bury the walls of the cemetery and some outer shells, will bring more difficult problems. Workers may use drills and saws etc. abrasive powder, such as sand. The knowledge of astronomy is the essential point of Pyramid's Pyramid, and the water - filled trenches may be used to raise the perimeter. A huge statue was moved to the tomb to show that the huge stone was moved and the first sled slipped the liquid. And then take the stones to the slopes of Pyramid. Finally, the outer layer of the casing is completed from top to bottom, and the slope is dismantled when the work is completed. Most of the stone is exploited in Pyramid, Giza, on the Giza plateau itself. Some limestone shells are brought from the Nile, and the granite in several rooms from Aswan. The workers of the quarry were marked by the work of several stones given to the gangs, such as "the name of the craftsman gang." Worker part-time workers may supplement the year's masons and other skilled workers. Heroditus Greek historian in the fifth century BC, the Egyptian tour guide told him to hire 100000 people a year and three months twenty years to build the great Pyramid report; modern estimates of the workers tend to be much

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