The Puurloined Letter And The Black Cat Analysis

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A Comparison of The Purloined Letter and The Black Cat

In this essay I will be comparing the two short stories, 'The Purloined Letter' & 'The Black Cat'.

The Purloined Letter is about a detective (Dupin) who is asked by the
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The Purloined Letter uses syntax such as, meditation, examine, puzzled etc. Language like this gives the story it's mysterious and detective type feel.

The Black Cat uses syntax such as torture, corpse, and evil etc. These describe the murderous violent and horror of the story.

The language is also used in a way to represent the genre of the story, in which case both of the stories have different genres.

The Black Cat has is made up of four different types of genres. Such as suspense, mystery, horror and thriller. The Purloined Letter is made up of three different types of genres, which include mystery, intellectual mystery, detective fiction (classic). There is nothing in common with the genres of both of the stories except that they both contain some aspects of mystery.

The pace of The Purloined Letter is slow but builds up at the end to give the story a dramatic effect. It's got long descriptive paragraphs to make the story slow and deliberate. Whilst The Black Cat has a pace that could be compared to a roller coaster ride, as it has
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You can see that The Black Cat has a heart pumping pace which make it sinister, spine chilling and scary. On the other hand The Purloined Letter has a more dry, mysterious and complex mood/tone. Which connects with the pace being slow and deliberate.

Both of the stories images are completely different. The Black Cat has images such as the burning house, the one-eyed black cats and a ghoulish image of the cat on the wall. The Purloined letter has a lot of images but two main images of the boy and the marbles and the image of searching the hotel. The Black Cats images are spooky and rather disturbing compared to the more intellectual and mysterious images that are shown in The Purloined Letter.

Each story has to have a central image. The Black Cats central image is the cat, which relates to evil connotations. But The Purloined Letters central image being the letter relates to intrigue and theft. The Purloined Letters central image makes us want to know what's in the letter and is therefore mysterious. A bit like The Black Cats central image the cat. The cat is also a bit mysterious as it is described as being

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