Essay on The Push For The Arrest Of Domestic Violence

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The push for the arrest of domestic violence perpetrators began with women’s advocacy groups, the feminist movement, and the victims of domestic violence. Garnering attention to their plight through litigation and public policy changes, women won the victory they sought, the arrest of their violent partners. In so doing, an unintended effect occurred, their own arrest. With legislatures left with no option but to enact mandatory arrest, preferred arrest, and other laws or risk being sued, many women were victimized by their partners and the law. With mandatory arrest laws, women are just as likely as men to be arrested in incidents of domestic violence (Hirschel et. al. 2008). Thus, an unintended consequence of mandatory arrest laws is the disproportionate rise in the arrest of women, especially when officers are unable to determine a clear perpetrator (Li, Levick, Eichman, and Chang 2015). Some researchers support a gendered approach to the study of violence in domestic situations. This has led to conflicting approaches that support a gender asymmetrical theory that posits men are the dominate perpetrators of violence in domestic situations while gender symmetrical theorists posit that men and women perpetrate violence equally against one another (Li et. al. 2015).
Gender Symmetry Gender symmetry theory, a branch of the feminist theory, posits that men and women are equal perpetrators of domestic violence (Lawson 2012). Feminists disagree with this theory, arguing that…

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