The Push For Stricter Gun Control Essay

702 Words Dec 8th, 2015 3 Pages
The push for stricter gun control, whether it be gun bans, ammunition bans, background check reforms, or the reformation of laws pertaining to firearms, is something that has been growing over the past decade. The many acts of violence committed using firearms has led many people to believe that these actions will prove beneficial to America. Many American citizens and politicians possess the “less guns equals less violence” line of thought. As simple and straight an answer this may sound, it is far from it. Reforms on gun laws and regulations could cause an imbalance of power within America; it would strip guns from the law abiding citizens and place them only in the hands of criminals. Stricter gun would only prove to be detrimental to this country and such thoughts towards implementing such regulations should be abandoned. One aspect of gun regulation that many wish to revise is the practice of administering a background check upon the purchase of a firearm. Many argue that background checks will prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. In 1998 the FBI formed NICS (The National Instant Criminal Background Check System). With this system, that is still in place today, anybody who wishes to purchase a firearm is required to fill out a form 4473. With the information on this form, the firearms dealer calls NICS and will receive permission to sell to this individual, be denied permission to sell, or a hold will be placed on selling to this individual. In this case, the…

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