Essay on The Pursuit Of The American Dream

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We live in a society that is driven by money and the government that fills the world with hate, inequality, and dictatorship. Our own character plays a huge role in the dreams we set for ourselves. Although we are all very unique and possess specific talents, it can create great opportunities for ourselves and others around us, this will connect us with our passions that ultimately bring us true happiness from doing what we love. The pursuit of the American dream does not lead to happiness and fulfillment due to our economy. If we decrease materialistic values, strengthen career opportunities, and increase the focus of children 's education, fulfillment will find us from pursuing the problems that this “American dream,” is faced with today.
Our pursuit of fulfillment does not entail materialism through money necessarily, it demands for true happiness. Americans should spend their money wisely benefiting “Pursuing Happiness the American Ways” written by Gus Speth who is researching studies about capitalism and consumerism. The article states scientist ed Diener 's words, "materialism is toxic for happiness." This idea of money and the possessions we have are major factors that play a significant role in pursuing the American dream today. Materialism is starting to become toxic for our society and it is creating inequality in America between the rich and the poor. This idea of “The pursuit of happiness” originates from the declaration of independence where Thomas Jefferson,…

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