The Pursuit Of Happiness Movie Directed By Gabrielle Muccino Essay

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The pursuit of happiness movie directed by Gabrielle Muccino is the very good movie inspired by the true story of salesman Chris Gardner (Will Smith), and his five-year-old son Christopher (Jaden Smith). The two main actors Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith were the best actors for the movie. They acted awesome. The movie place in San Francisco in 1981, is a 2006 American biographical drama film. This movie refers to single man Chris Gardner (Will Smith) salesman struggle with his son by looking for better life, happiness. Knowing this movie by true story full of love, emotional, sadness, funning, educative, hopeless, and happiness, therefore, I recommend this movie to anyone to watch it,
African-American salesman Gardner (Will Smith), puts all his money on bone-density scanner machines runs out of money after he sold most of them and lost some of them; consequently, he could no longer pay his taxes, day care for his son, rent, and family needs. Gardner could not afford anymore the family needs, his wife cannot take it so she leaves him and leaves their five years old Christopher (Jaden Smith) with him. Gardner struggle with his son by looking for a job and trying to sell the bone-density scanner machines to pay the rent, and day care for his son. The scanner machines were part of Gardner life because it was only wealth he had. On his everyday looking for sailing his scanner machine and looking for the job, he found one of his friends who had a better life and he asks him…

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