The Pursuit Of Genetic Immortality Essay

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This paper is about how dying from old age can be cured, but also the dire consequences that may unintentionally happen because of it. Genetic immortality, also known as biological immortality, is the decrease death rate of growing old. How it would work is that scientists would be able to “unlock” a gene in the human body and, from that, humans would be free from the consequences of old age. This is an important issue because with the arguments presented, the human race can either immensely benefit from it by preventing death or cause widespread chaos from overpopulation. The pursuit of genetic immortality can be argued that it should have no limits when pursued, that it should not be pursued because of the chaos it will cause or that it can become be a great thing with heavy regulation.

One stand on genetic immortality is that people would argue that the best public policy position for genetic immortality would be to have no restrictions. It can be argued that science has always been for the benefit of humans evolving. For example, if genetic immortality was implemented, the greatest minds of the human race could then live without the restrictions of old age. That can then lead to more scientific achievements which would help humans evolve. If Albert Einstein were still alive, what do you think he could have achieved since 110 years ago when he theorized E=mc^2, perhaps discovered how black matter works or how to manipulate time? Not only do the greatest minds stay…

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