The Pursuit Of Academic Success Essay

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“Here is a child who cannot forget that his academic success distances him from a life he loved, even from his own memory of himself” (518), were the words spoken by Rodriguez. Why did Richard Rodriguez allow his desire for academic success to distance him from his family? The desire for academic success was overwhelming. Desire was the drug that lured Rodriguez to the point of no return. He was persistent in evading nostalgia for the life he lost nonetheless; he has his intellectual mind focused on the benefits of education. When Rodriguez was in third grade he said, “I became more tactful, careful to keep separate the two very different worlds of studies. I became bookish, puzzling to all my family and ambition set me apart” (516). At a young age, Rodriguez was more interested in his education. He took the road less traveled, a road where his brother would laugh and call him four eyes. I can relate to what Rodriguez was going through, allowing himself to be distanced from his family in order to reach his goal of success. The reason I can relate to Rodriguez is that I to have to separate myself at times in order to get my school work done. Although, I have a busy schedule, I somehow manage to find the time to get my homework done on time. I can also relate when there is a lot of noise at home; I go in my closet and plug up a lamp to get my work done. I do not believe Rodriguez was that different from his family, he just had different views that forced him to…

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