The Purpose and Process of Capital Budgeting Essay

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Capital budgeting is the process of evaluating and selecting long-term investments that are in line with the goal of investors’ wealth maximization. When a business makes a capital investment (assets such as equipment, building, land etc.) it incurs a cash outlay in the expectation of future benefits. The expected benefits generally extend beyond one year in the future. Out of different investment proposals available to a business, it has to choose a proposal that provides the best return and the return equals to, or greater than, that required by the investors.
In simple Capital Budgeting involves:-
• Evaluating investment project proposals that are strategic to business overall objectives
• Estimating and evaluating post-tax
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The extent to which the capital budgeting process needs to be formalised and systematic procedures established depends on the size of the organisation; number of projects to be considered; direct financial benefit of each project considered by itself; the composition of the firm's existing assets and management's desire to change that composition; timing of expenditures associated with the projects that are finally accepted
1) Planning: The capital

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