The Purpose Of The Company Essays

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◦ The purpose of the company is to provide great food with entertainment in the evening. At the same time, Members of the organization will show support to the local community by assisting during events. ◦ The idea of Wing Factory took roots during a family event. Three friends saw the economy improving and understood more people were willing to go out to spend money and enjoying a moment at lunch and evening. ◦ Wings will be the main entree throughout the menu. Additionally, sandwiches, and meal from different time in the day. ◦ There is a strong market for this form of business. The location has to be ideal to maintain a great flow of consumers. Consumers like great product and services, therefore will encourage friends to visit the business. ◦ The business philosophy is to treat every customer with respect and courtesy. The establishment will be well kept and employees have to be professional at all time while being friendly with all attendants. Every complaint is legitimate until proven unnecessary. Managing a good business takes great strength and understanding what makes others successful is to consistently find ways to improve product quality and service to customers. ◦ Wing Factory has been in business for a year and has built a strong base which provides a consistent flow of business. The strong base allows the company to have a strong amount of cash flow with a little support from a creditor. According to research done by CNN news organization, Wings…

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