STEM Action Plan

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Developing New STEM Practices As the name of this action plan indicates, introducing Agora’s teachers’ to the eight STEM practices from the NGSS is essential aspect of Agora’s STEM progress. Even though Agora does not follow the NGSS standards, the school can follow the Framework for K-12 Science Education and successfully implement the STEM practices (NGSS, 2013). Through the training with the EiE curriculum, teachers will be introduced to the STEM practices, but additional work needs to be accomplished. Agora already has a framework in place of regular professional learning communities (PLC) managed by lead teachers daily. “In a nutshell, PLCs entail whole-staff involvement in a process of intensive reflection upon instructional practices …show more content…
As an individual already trained in the practices and using them in instruction, I will lead this initial professional develop. After the initial introduction, teachers will meet during a weekly PLC to create lessons and evaluate progress on the practices. Each month the entire 3-5 team will focus on a specific practice to create cohesion and consistency. This STEM practice will be included in instruction in both STEM disciplines and non-STEM disciplines. Other practices can be addressed as well, but one practice across the band will be the focus to ensure that all practices are introduced to the students throughout the year. To encourage ongoing communication and development, teachers will be placed on support teams. Members of the team will observe each others’ instruction and provided feedback, encouragement, and suggestion. This ongoing dialogue among teachers creating a true community who “study, select, plan, implement, analyze, and adjust” (Provini, 2012, para. 6). This form of professional development should not add any expense to the budget, however it should meet the needs of Agora’s unique …show more content…
Identify the purpose of STEM education at Agora and in cyber-school in general through the creation of a STEM committee representing all key stakeholders.
2. Improving the policies and current framework of education in STEM related disciplines.
3. Introducing technology training and programming, as well as, the EIE curriculum with both parent and teacher professional development.
4. Focusing on the STEM practices during PLC’s and introducing a STEM practice
All aspects of the STEM action will first be implemented and evaluated in the 3-5 grade bands and if successful will then move into the K – 2 grade bands the following year. After two years focusing on the improvement of each individual STEM discipline then a new action plan will be created to work towards STEM integration. All decisions must be approved by the board, director of academic achievement, and the curriculum coordinator at the elementary level. A proposed budget of $300,000 over the course of 2 years will be allocated for STEM with an emphasis on getting materials in the hands of

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