Essay on The Purpose Of Life As A Doctor

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Pablo Picasso once proclaimed, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away,” a statement that resonates strongly with me. While many search for an astounding revelation about the meaning and purpose of life, I believe that it is a simple as Picasso stated: to find our gifts and put them to good use. I have been blessed with compassion and an affinity for science, gifts which lead me to trust that my purpose in life is to become a doctor. While there are a great number of people who knew from the time they were children that they wanted to be a doctor when they grew up, I was not one of them. Rather, my desire to go into medicine was born as a result of the culmination of my life experiences thus far. Until I was in seventh grade, I did not possess much of an interest in science; I was more of reader. However, that year, my school hired a new science teacher and because of her, I fell in love with biology. My passion for the subject has only grown since then, which makes it impossible for me to imagine a future for myself that does not involve science. When contemplating my future, the other component I cannot see it without is the ability to help others each day. Together, these two desires have pointed me towards a career in medicine. Once the thought of becoming a doctor first crossed my mind, I knew it was meant to be. On the surface, it fulfilled my desire for a stable job that aligned with my interests. However, I soon realized…

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