The Purpose Of Foster Care And Cameras

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Sierra Criner
English III
23 May 2016 Foster Care and Camera’s
Foster care has been around for years, it is a place for kids with no families to go. When someone gives up a child, they are giving someone who wants a baby/child and can’t have any, a chance to be a parent.There are a lot of problems with the system. That is why people should keep an eye on the child, they do not understand why things happen to them. Foster homes should have surveillance cameras in all rooms of the home to ensure that the children there are not mistreated.“Parenthood requires love, not DNA.” -Anonymous (“Foster Care Services”)
The main purpose of the foster care system is to provide a safe temporary placement for children who cannot remain safe in the home of their parents. The children are in the custody of the Department of Social Services by court order. Most children placed in foster homes will have regular, court-ordered visits with their biological parents, other adults whose care they were removed from, and their siblings if they weren’t placed together. It’s important for foster parents to work with their caseworker to decide the location and time of the visits. The court decides whether the visits will be supervised.(“Foster Care Services”)
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The parents need to make sure the make time for themselves. Preventing burnout before it happens makes anyone a better parent all around. Children in foster care can be left with a babysitter who is at least eighteen years old, although the foster parent’s State may have specific rules and limitations about this and about what requirements the babysitter must meet. Respite care might also be available to anyone. Respite care is short-term care of a child in order to give the regular caregiver a break. Each State or County has its own procedures for foster parents to get respite

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