The Purpose Of Assessment For Learning Essays

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“The purpose of assessment for learning is to improve student learning by providing teachers and students with assessment data that can inform and guide instruction and learning” (Edugains, n.d). The I-Ready diagnostics has been implemented nation wide and is state approved in Colorado, it was built for the Common Core. It was designed to increase student outcomes by measuring individual students growth. It 's an adaptive diagnostic for reading and mathematics that pinpoints down to the sub-skill level and ongoing progress monitoring showing if the student is on track to meet the Common Core end of year targets. As educators it 's our job to support and use any resources available to help our students be successful and reach their full potential. Adaptive assessments are not new, however, the rise of technology and the growth of computer use in all schools have made computer-adaptive testing more feasible. I-ready diagnostic is an advanced technology that provides a deep, customized evaluation of every student. It continuously and consistently tracks student 's growth over the students entire k-12 career. It 's beneficial for identifying gaps from prior years to see where students are related to the Common Core Standards. This assessment helps struggling students and provides additional academic challenges for those who need it, it 's implemented nation wide and is state approved in Colorado. I-ready makes measuring student growth easy by using a vertical scale for…

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