The Puritan Society Of New England Essay

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The development of the Puritan society of New England in the Massachusetts Bay area and the Jamestown society of the Chesapeake region before 1700 were similar socially by way of Native Indian encounters and taking of their land and by the difference of the rich and poor in each society. Also, the two societies were similar because they both established order and law through written documents. On the other hand, the Puritan society and Jamestown society differed socially due to the fact that Jamestown chose to use indentured servants and slaves while the Puritans relied on their own families for work as well as the fact that individual men tended to travel to Jamestown more while whole families colonized the Massachusetts Bay area. Also, religion was the primary factor for moving for the Puritans while an economic gain was the motivation for people of the Jamestown society to colonize that area. The social development of the Puritan and Jamestown societies were similar in the interaction with Native Americans and the result of it being the taking of Indian land. Document 6 states that the Virginia colonies, specifically Jamestown, needs help because they do not have enough men or other resources to defend their region against the Indians. Governor Berkeley is writing this declaration to the king of England in an attempt to ask and gain his help to protect the Jamestown society from oncoming Indian advances from many frontiers and hopefully gain some of their land in an…

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