The Puritan Ideas And Beliefs Shaped Early America Essay

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When people think about who shaped early America, they often imagine George Washington, Ben Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson. While these founding fathers did shape America, an earlier group of settlers who impacted how American was formed were the puritans. After settling in New England, the puritan’s ideas and beliefs shaped how their were societies formed and their interactions with others. Puritan ideas and values influenced political, economic and social development by creating a closed and strict society based on religious beliefs, which ultimately lead to the formation of successful colonies.

The puritan religion originated with John Calvin, who believed that from birth humans were predestined by God to go to either heaven or hell, and nothing could change that. One’s behavior would reflect where they were being sent, and all were encouraged to be a “lily among the thorns.” However, English puritans weren’t very happy with their situation. They felt the British king was secretly Christian, so they decided to leave Brittan for Holland. Disliking how tolerant Holland was of other religions; they decided to go to America. The puritans wished to create a puritan nation and change the world. They formed the Massachusetts Bay colony, and strove to create a “city on a hill”, which would be a visible example of the perfect Christian society. The puritans thought that the world was watching them and their little society. The puritan’s beliefs revolved around their devotion…

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