The Puritan Dilemm John Winthrop Essay

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The Puritan Dilemma is a biography of John Winthrop, including his life and challenges. John Winthrop has always been a very spiritual man. He had seen the crookedness of Protestantism and became disgusted. While watching his religious group, he saw that The Protestants had become rotten, that is when he found The Puritans. The Puritans were a group of English protestants who noticed the renewal of the Church of England and strived to facilitate their worship. “Puritanism was a power not to be denied. It did great thing for England and for America, but only by creating in the men and women it affected a tension which was best painful and at worst unbearable. Puritanism required a man to devote his life to seeking salvation but old him he was helpless to do anything but evil” (Morgan, 7). They believed that The Church and the government should promote holiness to the people. John Winthrop’s learning at Trinity assisted his devotion to make his life all about God, and the Puritan community met his needs for that. John Winthrop’s Puritan Dilemma came from his long effort to accomplish his two goals which were to build a community to advocate God’s will while trying to do so in everyday life and how to set up a new world in Massachusetts. His first task was to deal with the wickedness of the Church of England. In England, they did not have any freedom to choose their own religion. T, hey only had the choices of either working to improve the church or breaking off from it. The…

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