The Puritan And Puritan Society Essay

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The story begins in 1692 with three young girls afflicted by something seemingly supernatural. The only explanation the Puritan community could compose was that the Devil was among them. The goal of the early Puritans was to purify the church, they began as a new society free from the grip of the Catholic church of England. The founders of the Puritan society believed that church under Queen Elizabeth 1 was much too political and much too Catholic. They were Calvinist in theology, believing in predestination and did not want priests or bishops running the church. They had faith that anything God did was good and when things went poorly they concluded that the enemy, Satan had a hand in it somehow. In short the Puritans postulated that the Devil was in everything that was evil or corrupt in the world. When something goes awry in any society or group, including the Puritans, they find some sort of scapegoat in order to explain the unexplainable. In the Puritan society their scapegoat was the Devil. They moved all responsibility away from themselves and put it onto the Devil, whether or not there was an explainable cause to be found. The Puritans were so afraid of what they couldn’t explain with the word of God that they needed something or someone to blame it on. Thus the three girls who were struck with the uncanny, unexplainable fits created the well known Salem witch trials of 1692-1693. The three girls blamed three women of witchcraft: Tituba, the Parris ' Caribbean…

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