The Punk Music Revolution Between The Us And Uk Essay examples

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What is a revolution? A revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. There has been many revolutions in the world’s history, one is the punk music revolution between the US and the UK. According to Michael Wood- “America made better punk music because the atmosphere was different. From irreverent to politically charged manifestos, our songs were based on our lives, whether it was craving escape from the suburban hell holes of Orange County or righteous outrage at an American society gone mad with greed and power.” In support to Woods statement, the similarities and differences of four major US and UK bands through history then show how US punk prevails. Many US and UK bands , no matter the time period, may sound different but are actually quite similar in their style and attitude.
A big debate in punk rock history has been which band has been more influential; The Ramones (US) or the Sex Pistols (UK). This is a very difficult debate because both bands had similar techniques, they just didn’t always look like they were on the same page. The Pistols started a revolution, they changed the way people dressed, thought, walked and played music. They killed the “flower child” lifestyle and introduced disorder to pop culture. With the Pistols it was a cultural revolution more than a musical one, “the whole package was Lydon’s attitude, their look, the situationist agenda of the Maclaren and Jamie Read, the Sex Shop clothes, the…

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