The Punishment Of The Death Penalty Essay

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With Liberty and Retribution for All

Even though the death penalty could be considered unconstitutional under the eighth and fourteenth amendments, people fear nothing more than death. Execution dates being carried out promptly on assigned dates would discourage most anyone from committing future crimes worthy of the death penalty. Our society is based on the need for retribution, making a wrongdoer pay the price equivalent to the price the wrongdoer did. Not carrying out executions prolongs the mental and emotional suffering of the victim 's family and friends, and it cost taxpayers millions of dollars per year to house a death row inmates.

The total number of inmates executed in the united states is 1,434. While the number of inmates currently on death row is 2,943, 55 of which are female inmates. Our need for retribution dates back to 18th century BC. We feel the need to see the wrongdoer have consequences for their actions. There are currently 5 methods of execution used in the US. There is lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, hanging, and the firing squad. Each of which is unique to itself and has its own cost per inmate death. Our justice system takes far too long to execute prisoners sentenced to death. The average length of appeals is dragged out over 15 years costing up to $1.5 million per case.Why not give them their sentence with 5 years to appeal and expedite the process? It would keep the taxpayers cost down and would allow retribution to be…

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