The Punishment Of People Like Me Essay

794 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
“If you break the law, you’ll go to jail.” This is something I’ve always been taught and because of it I’ve done my best to follow the rules and stay out of trouble. However, it wasn’t until I got older that I learned that there was more to this saying. I learned that the saying was more of warning to people like me because for a lot of people once you are in the system, you will never be able to get out. This could be due to a lack of support for most people but for others it can be due to a lack of opportunities provided by the government, which could help them better adjust to a normal life. Our government isn’t perfect, over time it has worked to make things equal or just of all. And even though it has fallen short when it comes to the rehabilitation of some criminals, there are some models of corrections that have been put in place to help people after their release from jail. For example, one model that I felt was the most successful at reducing criminal behavior following incarceration was the half-way house. This house gives people a chance to make their lives better after they get out of jail by providing them with a home where they can see their families, get a job and also where they have the support they need to stay out of trouble. I feel like this is the best model that we have so far because throughout this course we have learned that a person is less likely to commit a crime if they have an attachment (a family), a commitment (a job), and are involved.…

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